I am a 30 female from Minnesota. I like a variety of things across the board, not your typical gal. Trying to lose weight to be proud of my size and be healthier.

Week 4 C25K

I have now done week 4 twice. It went pretty well but was more tuff than week three that is forsure. 

This is the first day since I started exercising that I just didn’t want to. It was pretty cold out today so I was just not feeling like it. I wasn’t sure if I should run outside or run on the treadmill because of the chilly weather. To combat not doing the run due to laziness I went with the run outside on the way home. Sure glad that I ended up running and fighting through a time that I didn’t want to exercise since it will only benefit me in the long run. 

My first 5k is 4 weeks from Saturday and I am getting kinda curious how I will do. Not sure how much I will end up being able to run since I am only on week 4 of a nine week program. Either way it will be fine because when I am not running I can fast walk it. My maximum time would be 45 minutes because that is what I can do a 5k walking the whole thing briskly walking. 

C25K Week 3

I did the week 3 of C25K today. Before I went was a little worried that I would need to stop jogging during the long run times…but I didn’t have to. Guessing that the running schedule really works. 

Seeing a difference from when I started the C25K, feeling much more in shape. Not that I am actually in shape but a work in progress. 

It is still baffling to me that I am running…but I can say that I am really starting to like it. Just never thought that I would say that. 

Running, Running?!?!…Say What?

I decided to try the C25K. This is completely not normal for me. In fact I have said time and time again that I would never run. Well I guess the old saying “never say never” is true here. 

Not sure how this will go in the long run, but it is a start!

My first workout on the plan went great. I had been walking a hour each day recently so it probably wasn’t as bad as it could have been 2 weeks ago. 

I hope that a year from now I at least somewhat like running and am still doing it.